About Us

We‘ve come a long way. And we’ve only just begun.

Looking back now, it is difficult to imagine that this 1300-Crore asset company with over 1600 employees and over 1000 healthcare products among which a few are household names, started less than three decades back with just 4 founder-employees and a dream to turnaround the entire industry.

It was a dream that was soon to take wings.

The four who started it all were brothers from a small town, and were instrumental in bringing this startup to a point where it is now recognised as a professionally-run outfit with well-defined departments and roles.

However, Wings wasn’t started with an eye on growth. The motivation behind it was the state of the pharma industry. Back then, quality medicines weren’t available to all. Not only because they were expensive, but also because their distribution was restricted to larger cities. The brothers’ first step at addressing this was to start distributing medicines. The next was to use the knowledge they picked up from the market to start manufacturing generics, while maintaining quality, reducing prices, and pushing into newer and far-off markets.

The year was 1987

With WinCold, and then DicloWin Plus, Wings proved that quality healthcare needn’t come at a price. It also proved to be a success, selling more than 3 lakh tablets per month. Seeing the demand for affordable, quality medicines, Wings started on an ambitious nationwide rollout.

The year was 1994

A push into newer markets helped Wings understand their need for holistic healthcare. This understanding was immediately backed up by plans and efforts that opened up new boundaries for the company. Wings now started manufacturing quality healthcare products that touched people lives in more ways than one. Besides tablets, a host of other lifecare products like syrups, gels, cosmetics and shampoos helped expand the portfolio to fill the need-gap.

A growth like this couldn’t have been possible without a vision, And it was this vision that made the company shift its manufacturing and R&D centres to a more strategic location – Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. The SEZ in Himachal Pradesh is an ideal location for the pharma industry, with all key and support functions in close proximity. Having set up 3 modern plants armed with the latest technology, Wings could push its agenda of making quality healthcare affordable because of the economies of scale.

Proof of which, is the growing demand for the company’s products, and in the WHO and GMP certification that the company has been awarded for employing best practices.

This modern infrastructure with expanded capacities called for a larger, varied and a highly-skilled workforce to bring to life the vision with which the company had shifted to Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. From just 10 highly motivated individuals, Wings soon expanded to more than 600 professionals, handpicked to take the company to its next level of flight.

Bringing all related divisions like R&D, Supply-chain, Manufacturing, Marketing, HR, and Finance in one strategic location soon paid dividends, and the company spread its wings to every state in India. Finding its way from the factories to every household through 26 company depot, 3000 distributors and millions of chemists.

Nothing sums it up better than this small fact: Wings sells 13,888 tablets. Every single minute.

Or this, that the company’s processes, people and technologies are the reason why some of the leading global pharma giants trust Wings to manufacture 9 of their best-selling products.

Yet, everytime the founders are asked for the reasons behind this spectaular journey, the only answer they give is: We wanted to build a company where Health Meets Care.